Superfoods Launch New Brand

Launch, positioning and optimization of a supplement brand in a highly competitive niche.

Product Launch In A Competitive Niche

Launching a new brand is difficult. Launching it in one of the most competitive categories on Amazon is even more challenging. 

What name to use? How to manage inventory? Which keywords should be used? These are just some of the questions that needed to be answered in order to take this promissing seed and see it bloom into a healthy, thriving brand. 



Being The Experts

We put together our team to devise a plan to take the brand and guided on each step of the way. 

Product Selection
We performed market research utilizing several data analytics methods to find the most relevant product variations. We used big data analysis to figure out what the consumer was looking for and our findings were utilized to make important decisions such as pricing, packaging, and even ingredients.

 Fulfilment by Amazon
Because we have done this before, we trained the company how to prepare shipments, labelling and shipping. Avoiding penalties and costly delays. 

We prepared a comprehensive marketing automation plan that included landing pages, specialized giveaways, Pay-Per-Click campaings on Amazon, Facebook and Instagram and executed coordinated marketing campaigns. The enormous strength of this orchestrated effort created enough momentum that got the product ranked on page #1 for some of the most competitive keywords in a matter of days. 

Capabilities Used


Big Data Analytics


Demand Generation


Amazon Expertise


E-Mail Marketing