Real-time analytics platform for SaaS companies

Access key metrics via a mobile app to gain insights about your SaaS business

The Challenge

How to deliver a scalable, high-performance applications that render real-time data insights about a SaaS business pulling data from multiple sources?=     Delivering such solution in a cross-platform environment without reducing functionality?

The Solution

Our team employed bleeding-edge technology to create a pseudo-data-warehouse of sorts and the latest Javascript frameworks avaialble to build a fast, scalable mobile application that updates in real-time receiving data from PayPal, Stripe and many others.

Complex Business Logic, Made Easy


Utilized Firebase as a backend to create an awesome user experience with instant updated on any device.

Ultra-Light Infrastructure

Our technology choices helped keep the operating costs for the client while providing  maximum scalability. 

Capabilities Used


Mobile/Web App Development


API & Data Aggregation


UI/UX Design


Marketing Strategy