Valuable Insights At Your Fingertips

We create interactive dashboards to visualize & analyze your data, giving your team the confidence to make data-backed business decisions.

Real-Time Dashboards

If you can’t measure it – You can’t improve it

Achieving growth is complex and if you can’t track your achievements, your progress and its problems, your company’s growth will be at risk. We help you take control of your growth. We display key performance indicators in real-time, allowing you to celebrate your success and handle situations before they turn into problems.

Centralize Data

Stop chasing numbers around your company.

Consolidating data from multiple reports, queries and spreadsheets from multiple applications is time-consuming and prone to error. We help your applications talk to each other, creating a constant, reliable source of information that you can rely on to make important decisions.

Unleash The Power Of Data

Not understanding your data puts you at a disadvantage.

Reviewing reports is only half the battle and finding the trends and patterns that matter should be your priority. We analyze and dissect your data to connect the dots and find the patterns that can put your company ahead. We use state-of-the-art BI tools and processes to uncover insightss, exploid opportunities and identify potential problems.

We went from sharing spreadsheets to actually making money

Instead of spending every morning consolidating pivot-tables and dealing with databases, we now make confident marketing decisions on-the-spot

Tom Kinsley, OMEGA Team

How We Do It

Data sciences services – done for you

We help you on all stages of your data journey. Connecting multiple sources, cleaning your data, visualizing it and understanding it. Eventually, your most important business decisions are automatically made with confidence.

Connect & Consolidate Data Sources

We bring data together from QuickBooks, Shopify, Amazon, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, CRM’s and custom databases into a clean, usable data warehouse you can report and rely on.

Visualize & Explore

We place the data that matters the most on interactive dashboards that you and your team can use to dig deeper and find the answers to your most critical business concerns and hidden opportunities.

Identify Trends, Predict & AI

We use data sciences, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to give you weekly or monthly insights, trends and patterns. We uncover opportunities and point to problems before they happen.

Starter Dashboards Package

Get started with your own interactive dashboard and up to 4 KPI’s. We do it all for a low, convenient price.

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Up to 4 KPI’s / Metrics
  • Display anywhere
  • One-time fee with no expensive licenses
One-time $795

Data Science As A Service

When you are ready to unleash the power of your data, we offer customized monthly packages to fit your needs.

  • Monthly or weekly reports
  • Dedicated team to analyze your data
  • Correlation, causation, trends and patterns
  • Affordable quarterly plans with no contracts
Starting at $1,400/mo

Let’s make data work for you