How to do market research for your next web or mobile app idea

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Business, Data Rsearch, Web & Mobile App Development

When an idea for a software, mobile app, game or widget is materialized you need to prepare for your next steps: Narrow down your idea, find monetization avenues, find funding. For all of these steps, you need to start with proper research and guidance.

The Best 2 Research Tools (Free and Paid)

There are dozens of free and paid tools out there to give you the data you need to confirm your idea is worth pursuing. You also need lots of data to support your business, after all, unless you are doing this just for fun, you may want to turn your idea into dollars eventually – right?

Google Trends

This tool is awesome and often under-appreciated. Type in your solutions keywords and explore the search volume over time. Drill a bit further and find volumes by countries and related terms. This is also a great place to gather some “persona profiles” of who your ideal customer will be. Key data needed for writing a business plan, creating the proper product and launching effective marketing campaigns.


This is a hidden gem! Ask them to do any type of research, they will get it done in 24 hours and for a very reasonable price. For example “Marketing agencies in the US broken down by multiple factors” – Boom, 24 hours later we got a 10-page document including census and BBB data, demographics, revenue distribution and more. (I am in no way affiliated to them, just a big fan) https://askwonder.com/


To wrap this up, don’t let your own bias dictated the faith of your next big idea. Find facts, data and support your venture so others may follow you. There are many other tools, possibly thousands, but don’t let information paralysis overwhelm you even before you start. Getting prepared and research is important, but taking action is more important.

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